20.11.2020 Song Call My Angel released.
30.10.2020 Song King Or Not released.
27.9.2020 Song Intrack released.
8.8.2020 Song FB released on MrEpicOST's channel.
6.8.2020 G8 worldwide live stream concert.
5.6.2020 Song PLayBall released.
15.5.2020 Song Katyusha released.
24.4.2020 Song You are more released.
8.4.2020 Song Imagine(cover) released.
13.3.2020 Song Ido released.
13.3.2020 Song Love is just a feelin released.
12.2.2020 Song NW released.
12.2.2020 Song Told released.
12.1.2020 Song Arms of another released.
12.1.2020 Song Louie released.
12.1.2020 Song 10-0 released.
14.6.2019 Song Alive released.
14.6.2019 Song Love released.
18.5.2019 Matti joins band again and Sami leaves.
10.5.2019 Gig G7
6.4.2019 Gig G6
4.2.2019 Orchestral Instrumental "Ladder" released.
24.1.2019 Song "Remain" released.
9.8.2018 Gig G5 (Video)
10.3.2018 Gig G4 (Video)
20.2.2018 Song "So?" released.
10.8.2017 After G3 Sami is nominated as bass player.
10.8.2017 Gig G3 Details.
2017 Matti leaves the band.
22.9.2016 Song "Where ever I go" released.
20.9.2016 Song "Not because of you because of me" released.
27.5.2016 Gig G2. Details.
16.1.2016 Song "Big Hero" released.
20.9.2015 Song "Love you back" released.
22.8.2015 Song "Walk this way" released.
14.11.2015 Will be the date for G1. First gig ever. Details.
15.6.2015 Song "FRIP" released.
21.4.2015 Song "Gone forever" released.
17.1.2015 Song "Not my enemy" released.

25.9.2015 Marko leaves the band.
24.8.2014 Song "F.O.L" released.

26.6.2014 Song "Cover Girl" released.
29.5.2014 Song "Like it" released.
2.4.2014 Song "Get you" released.
15.2.2014 Song "Catalogue" released.
29.1.2014 Song "Acrimonious" released.
27.11.2013 Song "Champagne bottle and one to go" released.
21.9.2013 Song "Wannabe" released.
27.7.2013 Song "Zodiac moon" released.
16.5.2013 Song "One Bottle" released.
16.4.2013 Song "Can't get it up" released.
6.3.2013 Song "Standing on a roof top" released.
3.8.2012 Song "Sheila is wasted" released.
17.5.2012 Songs "Oil generation feat. Kärtsy, Auf wiedersehen and Not for sale released.
12.8.2011 Song "Ceremony under water" released.
1.6.2011 Marko Juutilainen is new crew member. Lead guitarist with unvisible fingers.
17.5.2011 Song "Count on me" released.
15.05.2011 Finland is World champeon in ice hockey!!! Bow played in YLE 2 sendings.
9.12.2010 Song "Under my skin" released.
15.10.2010 Song / Video "One Life One Show" released.
23.08.2010 Song "You can't kill this song" released.
14.06.2010 Song / Video: "A life worth living" released.
25.05.2010 Song "Nadja" released.
24.04.2010 "Bow" is again selected as theme for ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP YLE TV2 sendings.
04.05.2009 Song "Defleshed"  released.
30.04.2009 Human Design's studio is presented in Finnish magazine Riffi 3/2009.
24.04.2009 "Bow" is selected as intro song for ICE HOCKEY WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2009 held in Switzerland.
17.02.2009 Songs "Kings are falling", "I wasn't enough" and "Money can't erase" released.
01.11.2008 Human Design web page opened. Songs: "Bow", "Not in my funeral", "When you're around" and "Out in the rain" released.